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President's Message


I want to welcome you to our website. As the new President of the FCCA, I would like to introduce myself to all our members and especially to our newest members, who I may not know. My name is Brian Karth and I am the District Court Executive and Clerk of Court in the District of Arizona. I was appointed to this position in January 2012. Prior to joining the District Court, I was the Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in this same district for four years and a member of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (NCBC). Previous to my federal judiciary service, I served in the state courts for many years and was an active member of the National Association of Court Managers (NACM), and finally I worked for the Department of Justice prior to my state court experience.

Our 2017 Annual Educational Conference in San Diego, California, this past June was very successful and provided over 25 invaluable opportunities to take classes, listen to presentations, meet fellow members and be inspired by our keynote speakers. Our past President, Mr. Tom Bruton, could not have been a more effective leader for our organization and I ask that you join me in thanking him for his tireless service as our President for the last two years. Most recently, the FCCA collaborated with the Administrative Office and the Federal Judicial Center to present the FCCA Space & Security Forum which was held August 15-16, 2017 in Buffalo, NY. We had over 350 registrants, presenters and guests attend. Collectively, all contributed to the constructive and beneficial opportunities to discuss, learn and ultimately resolve Space & Security concerns that are instrumental to all of us in supporting the federal judiciary.

Currently, a FCCA Disaster Relief Program is underway and serves to highlight one of the main benefits of this Association; our willingness to go the extra mile to help each other in times of need. Our members are always there to provide assistance to our judiciary family and extend a helping hand when needed. Now more than ever, our colleagues could use your support and friendship. I am certain that we can count on our members to step up and help those who were negatively impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. I sincerely thank you on behalf of those who are struggling to get through this disaster. With our collective aid and encouragement, I know they will make it through this difficult time.

I welcome you again to the FCCA. The value and benefits of membership will help you further your career and personal development. I look forward to working with the FCCA Board and Committees during the next two years to provide quality educational opportunities for all our members and other colleagues in the judiciary. We appreciate your feedback and support by being active and engaged in our association.

I sincerely look forward to serving the membership and it is an honor to serve as your FCCA President. I invite each of you to get more involved in the FCCA and perhaps contribute your talents, suggestions, and articles to the Journal this coming year. Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or concerns relating to the FCCA.