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FCCA Blood for Life Updates

 | Published on 10/17/2016

Blood for Life Committee Updates

The Blood for Life Committee would like to invite our new and renewing FCCA members to take a few moments this season to donate blood.   The typical blood donation takes 10 to 12 minutes.   The American Red Cross indicates that in the United States, someone needs blood every two seconds. That 10 to 12 minutes of your time will make a valuable contribution to the life of a friend or a neighbor.

FCCA has many members who donate blood regularly, surely helping to save lives across the world.   Many districts hold annual blood drives, though you need not feel left out if your court does not hold one. Log sheets are provided on the FCCA website for individual recording of donations, as well as a group sheet to turn in to us at the end of the reporting period for 2017. The reporting period for this season was June 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.   The current reporting period will be from August 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017.

During the FCCA Conference this August, there were five drawings for $50 each. For each pint of blood and/or platelets that you donate, we add your name to the drawing one time. The more you donate, the more chances you have to win. Please note that you need not be present at the annual conference to win the drawing.  We also recognize the top three courts who have the most donations.

We would like to congratulate and to sincerely thank the top three courts who donated blood during this past season. Coming in First place was Utah, 2nd place: Connecticut and 3rd place: Baltimore, Maryland. The winners for the five drawings during the DC conference were: : Kathy Hammond (District of South Dakota), Amanda Williams (District of Alabama Middle), Jennifer Diaz (District of Rhode Island), Tiffany Doyen (Eastern District of Texas), Jennifer Gamble (District of Alaska). 

On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, during the annual conference in Washington, D.C. we held a Blood Drive.  The Blood Drive was held at the conference hotel and coordinated with INOVA Blood Donor Services. INOVA supplies lifesaving blood and blood products to 24 different hospitals in Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC, metro area. They also work with national and international redistribution organizations to get blood where it's needed most. FCCA and NCBC attendees were be able to sign up directly on the 2016 Conference Registration form or during the conference.

The FCCA website is your source for up-to-date information.  Please feel free to contact Karen or one of the Blood for Life Committee members below for additional information. Thank you again for your time and lifesaving blood donations.

Karen Sessions, Chair, FCCA Blood for Life Committee
Fifth Circuit Board Member 

Blood for Life Committee Members: 
Dawn Bullock, USDC – Central District of California 
Terri Mathis, USDC – Eastern District of Texas