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Annual Conferences

Training, education and networking. The FCCA annual conferences continue our tradition of providing quality instructors, informative plenary sessions, and outstanding speakers to enrich the professionalism and interpersonal skills of our attendees. Our excellent presenters are court personnel. The annual conference provides clerks and deputy clerks the opportunity to meet and to interact with each other and members of the judiciary, the Administrative Office and local court personnel. The annual conference serves as a forum to exchange ideas and innovations. Our goals are all the same; to increase the proficiency of court employees, to hone your talents and abilities and to enhance the careers of our members.

Career Guidance Program (CGP)

The FCCA Career Guidance Program offers assistance to our members who may be considering or are in the process of applying for a new position or promotional opportunity, including:

  • Qualification assessment
  • Resume and cover letter editing and review
  • Interview skills consultation

Other services include, job vacancy search methods, advice regarding training and education for career development and other general career counseling questions and discussions.

Disaster Relief

The FCCA Disaster Relief Program is designed specifically to foster support and assistance to FCCA members, as well as qualifying judiciary employee non-members, affected by natural disasters. When disasters occur which impact judiciary employees, the FCCA Officers and Board of Directors convene and may create nation wide relief fund efforts to provide financial aid. All donations received, combined with FCCA contributions, shall be dispersed to approved recipients as determined by the Officers of FCCA. Any donations received after the established relief effort deadline shall be held and accounted for by the FCCA Treasurer and will be used for subsequent disaster relief efforts.

Job Postings

On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors of the FCCA, we are proud to continue to offer FCCA member benefits.

Each week, we will email a Federal Court Job Vacancy Announcement Newsletter to our members.

Human Resource Managers and authorized court personnel can email official Job Vacancy Announcements to Eileen Levine, Publications Chair, or call 917-282-1987. Please submit a pdf version of the vacancy announcement in addition to the URL address where the vacancy announcement is posted on the Court’s website. 

Announcements should be emailed not later than Friday evenings at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) to be included in our weekly email newsletter blast. The Vacancy Announcements will be posted on the FCCA website for 21 days. We can renew or delete a job posting at any time, but we must be notified in advance.

Our goal is to keep you educated and informed. You do not have to be a FCCA member to send in an announcement for posting, but you must be an active FCCA member to receive the newsletter and to view the vacancy announcements. We hope you take advantage of our exciting benefits and participate in these programs.

If you have questions, please contact Eileen Levine. Please pass on the word to your court's HR Managers and to shared services HR managers.


The Journal is the signature publication of the Federal Court Clerks Association. Our goal is to publish at least two editions per year. All Journals are posted and archived on the FCCA website here.

All Journals may be downloaded and saved. Members can print out in magazine format. At our members’ and advertisers’ request, we will professionally print and mail out the annual conference editions of the Journal.

Leave Share Program

True to the spirit of camaraderie, FCCA has a unique network to help out members in times of need.   The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (commonly referred to as the Leave Share Program) allows an employee who experiences a personal or family medical emergency and who exhausts all available paid leave to receive donated annual leave from other employees.  This is a great program with rewards for both the recipient and the donor.  The donor gets the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped someone in their time of need and the recipient receives the leave donation so that they can concentrate on their personal or family medical emergency and recover without the worry of any financial burdens.

The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Medical) allows an individual employee, who experiences a personal or family medical emergency and exhausts all available paid leave, to receive donated annual leave from fellow employees.  In order for an employee to receive donated leave, they must first meet the criteria in the criteria in the Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol 12: Human Resources, Ch 9: Leave and Attendance, § 920.20.40 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Medical).  Once approved under the program, normally the Human Resources Specialist or Time Administrator will send an e-mail to staff members requesting donations.  Each court does this differently.  Sometimes the request is sent locally, sometimes it only goes circuit-wide, and other times, it goes nation-wide.

If you're aware of a FCCA member who’s an approved leave recipient, please send an e-mail to Eileen Levine.  She will work with the local Human Resources Office to coordinate the required paperwork and spread the word.

Mentor Program for Clerks and Chief Deputies

The FCCA Clerk and Chief Deputy Mentor Program helps to pair up newly appointed clerks and chief deputies with seasoned clerks and chief deputies. The role of the mentor is to be a resource or a sounding board; someone that a new clerk can informally reach out to discuss issues large or small. If you are a veteran clerk or chief deputy and interested in serving as a mentor, please contact Chuck Diard or Edmund Dieth. If you are newly appointed and wish to take advantage of our FCCA benefits, please let us know.

Opportunities to Get Involved

If desired, members have the opportunity to become more involved in the association through various board member and officer positions, as well as committees.

Professional Liability Insurance - FEDS

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Professional Liability Insurance - Starr Wright

We are pleased to introduce you to Starr Wright USA, one of the nation’s leading and most respected providers of Federal Employee and Contractor Professional Liability Insurance. Many of you may already be familiar with, or are insured by, Starr Wright USA as they are often credited to have invented Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance more than 50 years ago.

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